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Allergies & Migraine Headaches

Reason for beginning chiropractic care:

Allergies & Migraines

How long were you experiencing these problems:

24 years

What was it like at it's worst and how did it affect your life:

It affected my life severely. Experienced headaches daily, severe sore throats frequently and also migraines two to three times a week, which usually made it impossible to function due to sound and light sensitivity.

Past treatments and results:

Allergy medications and prescription drugs brought some relief but never completely relieved symptoms, it was believed to have caused kidney failure.

What progress have you made since beginning chiropractic care:

After three full weeks of chiropractic care I've completely stopped taking all medications and have not experienced any major allergy symptoms or migraines since with bi-monthly visits.

What other benefits have you experienced and how has this affected your life:

Overall health improved and able to sleep better at night.

Additional comments about our office and the care you have received:

I can't say enough about the care I have received here!