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Sleeping Problems & Headaches

How long were you experiencing these problems:

Sleep-2 months and Headaches- 10+ years

What was it like at it's worst and how did it affect your life:

The headaches were so constant, I was taking an average of 4 Excedrin tablets a day. The sleeping problems were causing extra exhaustion and stress as I would often times have to go in to work on 2 hours of sleep or would be late, and dragging all day.

Past treatment and results:

Over the counter pain medication and sleeping pills. Only short term relief and only periodic.

What progress have you made since beginning chiropractic care:

Many nights I sleep like a baby! The headaches are much less frequent and hardly severe, I have taken maybe 4 Excedrin tablets in the past two months total.

What other benefits have you experienced and how has this affected your life: My spring allergies to hay, pollen and grass have almost disappeared! I am more productive at work too.

Additional comments about our office and the care you have received:

I will definitely be a long-term patient!