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 Bronchitis & Walking Pneumonia

Reason for beginning chiropractic care: Bronchitis and walking Pneumonia

How long were you experiencing these problems: 1 year

What was it like at it's worst and how did it affect your life: I had 2 rounds of Bronchitis and 1 round of walking Pneumonia that made me miserable and weak. The antihistamines and the antibiotics did not provide long-term relief. I was unable to socialize, barely able to work, and very tired.

Past treatments and results: Prescription medication that did nothing to help the chest, upper respiratory congestion. The medication made me feel like I was drugged. I missed 5 days of work last year due to illness.

What progress have you made since beginning chiropractic care: I stopped taking 3 prescription medications, saved money, I have had no Bronchitis, and I am able to bounce back within a day or two of feeling under the weather rather than weeks. I have also not missed a day of work due to illness since starting.

What other benefits have you experienced and how has it affected your life: I have more energy and more confidence in my health. I eat better and notice the results daily of a good diet and chiropractic adjustments.

Additional comments about our office and the care you have received: The friendly confident ways of treatment have made me a health conscious person out of me.