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Pain & Diabetes

Reason for beginning chiropractic care:

Much pain.

How long were you experiencing these problems:

Five years or more.

What was it like at it's worst and how did it affect your life: 

I used canes or wheelchairs depending on the severity of the pain.

Past treatments and results:

Cortisone shots in spine, pain killers, etc.

What progress have you made since beginning chiropractic care: 

I am feeling much more energetic and can walk into places without a cane (which I did not try to do before).

What other benefits have you experienced and how has this affected your life:

A side effect which I did not expect. I am diabetic and maintain on glucophage. My last blood sugar analysis (3 month) showed that I improved a whole lot!

Additional comments about our office and the care you have received:

I do feel Dr. Blau is a most capable chiropractor and I really believe in him.